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Since 2006, Pierre de Colbert has taken over the management of the vineyard following a family tradition of winemaking at the Château de Flaugergues, which dates back to 1696.

Our environmental commitment

The Château de Flaugergues and its vineyard are committed to a global approach to preserving the environment.

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ISO 14001

Since 2015, the Château de Flaugergues has been a member of the association Terre de Languedoc-Roussillon, certified ISO 14001. This standard validates an environmental approach with an action plan that aims to combine efficient and ecological management of the company. Its principle is to respect the environment by preventing pollution and managing risks, while being transparent towards third parties.

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This is the 3rd level of the Environmental Certification of Business implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2012, which we obtained in July 2019. Its achievement corresponds to the validation of several environmental indicators in 4 key areas:

  • the preservation of biodiversity
  • the phytosanitary impact
  • the fertilization management
  • the water management

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Terra Vitis

Since August 2019, we are certified Terra Vitis, which is the eco-responsible certification in sustainable viticulture. Based on the 3 pillars of Sustainable Development, it applies from planting to bottling and includes an economic dimension. It is a commitment to respect 6 common values:

  • promote sustainable, environmentally friendly viticulture and support the multifunctionality of agriculture
  • give priority above all to natural regulatory mechanisms
  • promote a healthy environment to protect the health of producers, their employees and citizens in general
  • ensure the production of healthy grapes and obtain fine wines by reducing the level of residues to a minimum
  • increase biological diversity in and around the parcels
  • improve the quality of water, air and wine-growing soil

Projet "Incognita"

By joining the Terra Vitis association this year, we had the opportunity to take part in the "Incognita" project. It is a pilot CSR support project for 18 wine companies in Occitania, in order to create a new Terra Vitis specifications that integrates CSR.

You can find more information on our actions in the downloadable document (environmental policy, environmental indicators and news)

The "Terroir"

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The Château de Flaugergues is situated in the heart of AOC Languedoc. Its terroir is known as ''La Mejanelle'' and its climatic zone is ''les Grés de Montpellier'' (from deposits in the Rhone delta) which thrives in the area's Mediterranean climate with its strong maritime influence.

The vineyard of 69 acres is dominated by early-ripening grapes particularly suited to the terroir. The red grape varieties are: grenache noir, syrah, mourvèdre, carignan, cinsault, merlot, marselan, arinarnoa and egiodola. The white grape varieties are: rolle, viognier and muscat à petit grain (dry). The vineyard is converted to sustainable agriculture, and is certified ISO 14001 (Terr’Avenir).

The result of this magnificent terroir: 8 different wines of excellent quality; it is the harmonious combination of different vines which allows the creation of such a rich range of fine, fresh aromatic wines, with silky tannins and subtle fruit aromas; or, with the finer, more robust wines, hints of smoke and spices (cocoa, pepper, liquorice, candied fruit, etc) .

Pierre would like to share his wines made from an elegant and generous terroir to which is attached. Discover the latest creation: a blend of syrah and marselan. 160,000 bottles are produced at the château each year, 50% of which are exported to 17 countries. For wine lovers, the château's wines are available online!

A new and sustainable winery in the heart of the vineyards

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Inaugurated in October 2016, the new winery integrates with the historical heritage classified as Monument Historique. The design came from Sancie Matte of the MDR agency and is brought to life by the wine engineering specialist of Ingevin. It is designed to fit in with the landscape. This new state-of-the-art production tool is equipped with 26 stainless steel vats to improve the aging of wines and the production.

The Château de Flaugergues is Montpellier's green lungs. With its 27 hectares of green spaces, the château aimed to build a sustainable winery to achieve ecological management of effluent, energy savings, natural air conditioning, and water saving. The wine-growing and wine-making enterprise thus has environmental friendliness very much at heart. This project will be put into practice, both in the vineyards and through the formation of employees in this kind of environmentally respectful conduct.
This new winery is open to visitors who are looking for an authentic wine tourism experience. Discover the vineyards, the wines in the wine tasting room or in our restaurant Folia, or even in the gardens. Information and booking

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Opening Hours :

  • From Monday to Friday 9.30am to 6pm
  • Saturday 2.30pm – 6pm
  • Sundays and public holidays in June, July and September: from 1pm to 7pm


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